Keynote Speaker Fees: How Much Should You Pay?

by Brent Byrne 07. November 2016 People 0

A keynote speaker is a professional who is hired during conferences, corporate meetings, and other similar events for a purpose. If you are planning to hire them, then you better check your budget. Make sure that it can cover the payment for the kind of speaker you want to hire.

Generally, a speaker can ask for any amount according to how much they feel their time is worth. Nevertheless, their feel will always fall into a certain rubric. Special Note: You might find yourself paying twice or thrice the amount if you talk with a speaker’s bureau instead of asking the speaker personally.


It should be possible for you to ask a speaker to speak for your event for free. It is especially easy for you to convince a keynote speaker to give a free speech when the latter is still new to the field and doesn’t have much experience just yet. It is also easy to convince a speaker to speak for free when they own a business model that allows them to earn revenues even without asking for a fee when they deliver speeches.

Try looking into those who offer services (consulting, coaching, etc.) that the participants may take an interest in as well. After delivering a good speech, the speaker may be able to intrigue the participants and, consequently, they may get business from it.

Keynote Speaker

Another instance is when the event you are hosting is a local one. It may be a convenient speaking engagement for them so they are fine delivering a speech with or without a fee. Finding such a speaker may be a bit difficult though.


The “travel only” speaker may be a bit similar to the “free” speaker. The difference is that you are the one who will be paying for their travel expenses. You will sometimes cover both the flight fare and the hotel accommodations.

How you will pay for the “travel only” arrangement depends on what you and the speaker come to terms with. One option is for you to pay a flat amount for the hotel and flight. The speaker will book the travel personally. The travel stipend that you will provide the speaker may range from $350 and up to thousands of dollars (if it is an international speaking engagement).

$500 – $1,500

This is the range for speakers invited to deliver a speech during non-profit events and small conferences. The fee is considered to be a small amount. The said fee allows you to choose from non-popular keynote speakers in the market.

$1,500 – $3,000

This price range is another modest range that you can offer to keynote speakers. The best thing about increasing your budget to this range is that you can hire professional speakers already. However, these speakers may have less experience and accomplishments to boast of.

$3,000 – $5,000

There are already lots of keynote speakers who will agree if you offer within this price range. Do take note though that the said price range is still below what they normally ask. However, the fee is already considered real money for most speakers in the market.

$5,000 – $10,000

If you are aiming to invite one of the top keynote speakers, then you should prepare a budget that falls within this particular price range. A top keynote speaker is someone who has given numerous keynote speeches in the past. They should also have serious career accomplishments already.

Keynote Speakers

$10,000 – $20,000

If the conference that you are organizing is a major one, then the fee that you should prepare must fall within this price range. Even with the popular keynote speakers, this is a fee that they rarely come across with. For a keynote speaker, being paid within this price range is probably an honorable keynoting experience.

$20,000 – $50,000

This is a price range that is reserved only for most celebrity keynote speakers. What celebrity speakers mean is that they are celebrities who are already household names. They may also be well-known category experts.

$50,000 – $100,000

So expensive! You might think that the price is already too high. Of course it would be as this price range is normally paid out to top celebrity speakers. There’s only a few top celebrity speakers out there. It is only possible to pay them this much since they can draw in massive ticket sales that exceeds the speaker fee you are paying them.

$100,000 and up

If you plan to hire someone like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, or anyone from the Top 10 of the Forbes’ richest list, this this is the price range that you should expect to pay. No questions asked.


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Types of Trading Pins

by Marion Sherman 12. August 2016 Trading Pins 0


Trading Pins are labeled pins with a particular theme. With a lot of people who practice to buy, sell, exchange and collect pins, it has become a must have and tradition for different companies, tournaments and events in several places around the world. The different places where pins are commonly found are amusement parks and resorts. Companies sponsor and distribute pins. During sports events like Olympic Games, World Cup and Super Bowl, fans and participants collect pins as their souvenirs. Political pins ar1 also used during election campaigns as well as in military forces wherein they put flags of countries as designs. Ever wonder how pins are made? Pins are made in different ways depending on the type of printing and design. There are five types of pins such as soft enamel, photo etched, offset digital, silkscreen printed and die struck pins.

Soft enamel trading pins

This cloisonne pin is hand crafted. It has raised round edges. The edges are used to divide the colors of the design. The design is etched by hand onto the pins. Each pin made in soft enamel is hand crafted with the colors and polish. Needles are used to put colored 1 (1)enamel in the pin. The pins are heated over 1600F to make sure that the color will not be removed and it will stay in the pin for a lifetime. Heating also attaches the color to the metal of the pin. Soft enamel pins are very stylish. It is thicker and heavier as compared with the other types. This kind of pin is the most recommended, however, the design is not as detailed as with other types. Soft enamel pins are also recommended to have an epoxy top coat. Adding epoxy will protect the pin’s surface and colors from detaching.

Photo etched trading pins

This type of trading pin is computer generated. It is made by transferring an image of your design from a film to a surface of metal sheet. Using the acid etching process, the design is produced by using a liquid acid into the brass or copper. After the etching process, color is applied by hand. The metal sheet is heated for 15 minutes under 450F. The metal sheet is then cut according to the design of the pins. Photo etched pins offer more details and 2flexibility with the design as well as the color choices. This type of trading pin makes you more creative and imaginative thus giving more complex design. An epoxy top coating is also applied. It will serve as a dome that protects the color from being scratched and damaged. This type is also less expensive as compared to soft enamel and offset digital pins.

Offset digital trading pins-

offset digital printing is used for finer details and smooth surface,. It is recommended for designs that require fine lines, specific color of trading-pin-images-2details and painted images or pictures. Shadow, fades and gradients in a logo or design are produced through this type of printing. To protect the printed image, a clear epoxy coating is applied in the surface. The major advantage of this type of trading pin is that it retains the original design carefully keeping the integrity and detail of your work.

Silkscreen printed trading pins

Silkscreen printed pins are similar to offset digital pins as the design is also applied to the metal. However, silkscreen printing is the process used.

Die struck pins-

In this type of pin, a die is used to stamp a design into a copper sheet. The pins of this type have sharper images than the other types. After placing the die, it is cut out to individual pin. Bold colored enamels are places after cutting. This type of pin is Matt or textured finish. The pins may also undergo antiquing process to produce a unique stylish finish.